Caribbean CPA is a full-service U.S. public accounting firm; specifically designed to serve the tax, accounting and foreign financial reporting obligations of American Expats living in the Dominican Republic. In order to serve our clients better, we have divided our practice around the financial needs of a typical U.S. Expat residing in the D.R. Our Services are divided in the following three main areas:


We know how difficult it is to manage the financial aspects of a U.S. Taxpayer living overseas. You ask yourself: who can I turn for advice help after moving to the Dominican Republic? The relocation to the D.R. has been so challenging, it is almost as if I was not supposed to live overseas. That is where Caribbean CPA comes in, because something as materialistic as financial information processing has no right to stand between you and your dreams. Please contact us for a free consultation.

PO Box 270008
San Juan, PR 00928

1 (787) 410-4362

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